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  • Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2003 14:25:41 EDT

Hi Fellow Calmira Fans!
After following this thread for the last few days, I decided I'd go ahead 
and jump in with my suggestion.  Of course, this is dependant on how 
much hard drive space you have, but, if you have about 6 or 7 meg, I 
have a copy of the DOS version 5.5 of MS Word, the free "Year 2000" 
upgrade that I obtained from MS a number of years ago.  While it isn't 
a Win3X app, it does run quite nicely in a DOS box under Win3X, as 
well as Windows 95 ( on my 486DX4, anyway).  If you would like a copy ,
visit my Wizard57M's Web page on AOL:
The download link for MS Word 5.5 DOS, International English, is on 
page 3, "wizard3.htm"...

Also, another word processor I've read about is, also for DOS, is called
PC Word.  I don't have a download link for it, but do keep a link to the 
author's site on my SurfBest web page:
Look on the "Links" page.  If you can't find a download link and wish 
to try PC Word, contact me via email and I can send as attachment.
PC Word is smaller than MS Word, much smaller...however, it doesn't
do as much with embedding images and such, mainly just plain ASCII 
text, though your documents are kept as "projects" and can have sort 
of like hypertext links to other pages, paragraphs, etc.

Although one could use MS EDIT.COM for simple text messages, if 
you desired just a little bit more, say spelling check, a good text editor 
(my "first choice" for DOS text also!!!) is NE text editor.  I keep a 
link for it on my DOS Internet pages, check the SurfBest site, or my old
GeoCities pages:
NE has the advantage over EDIT in you can have multiple text documents 
open at the same time, plus the spelling checker.  On the other hand, 
EDIT can open files of larger size than NE (limit of about 64 KB).  If the 
user desired larger files handling, I can suggest PEDIT, it is freeware...
do a Google search for it.
Finally, if you just have to have Windows application, you might take a 
look at Yeah Right. It used to be available at www.wordplace.com,
but that was about 6 years ago.  It can be used for free in a slightly 
less-than-full-feature version, but it does a decent job for quick letters.
Where you will probably run into problems will be in exchanging the 
newer Win9X "Word" formats...if correspondents send you them, then 
you will probably have to use either Word Viewer 97, or some other 
Win9X application.  There used to be a Word Viewer 97 for Win3X,
might still be found in some out of the way archive.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  See you later!
aka Wizard57M
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