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  • From: Norm Finch <NormF@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 01 Feb 2003 00:48:16 -0600

Erwin, I'm sorry to rain on your parade, but out here in the wild it just 
work that way.

Erwin Dokter wrote:

> The window position is saved *only* when:
> - Calmira is shutting down
> - The icon window in question is open
> After that, the position is locked in the ini file.
> To reset the list, clear out the [Window positions] section
> in calmira.ini.

Shutting down as described does add two sections to calmira.ini.  In my case, 
look like this now:

[Window positions]


Neither of them was there before the prescribed shutdown/reload.  So clearly, 
alteration in practice must have prompted Calmira to write them there as it went
through its shutdown procedure.

However ... Calmira still remains blissfully ignorant of any mouse moves I do 
the folder window on the desktop --then or now -- *and* is totally impervious 
to any
manual changes I make in the [Windows positions] entry in calmira.ini.  (With 
slight exception -- when I reload Windows, it does bring that open window back 
with it, just where and how I'd left it at shutdown.  But then it promptly 
all about it as soon as I close the window and have another try at re-opening 
hoping it has learned and will come back the way I want it.)  Those manual 
were done after shutting down Windows and then editing in pure DOS (not a DOS

I don't know where "88,40,712,424" comes from or what it means, but one thing it
doesn't do is have any affect on that contrary window.  I have tried several
different combinations of numbers instead of those -- Calmira ignores them all. 
the way, if there actually is some value to them, names, descriptions, and range
limits would be very helpful to us toilers out here in the hinterland.

Shall we dance, or go another round?
[As Foghorn Leghorn observed, "That's a joke ... I say, that's a joke, son."]

Actually, if you can put up with me here, I'm more than willing to wait while 
you do
battle with the dragon.  :-)

       "The chief virtue that language can have is clearness." - Hippocrates
                      -- Peace.  Write well.  Do good work. --

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