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  • From: Klaus.Osswald@xxxxxxxxxxx (Klaus J. Osswald)
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  • Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2001 15:43:06 -0700

Billy Wong wrote:

>    Sad News and I wished I read it sooner: check its web site right
> now...  http://antivirus.cai.com
>    Computer Associates has pulled the plug on InoculateIT PE over the
> summer.  :-(

OH NO, now you can imagine how i felt when ANYWARE suddenly decided to
stop their program.

> (AVG uses heavy graphics,
> which I dislike because it assumes everybody has a fast video card. I
> mine is not.)

It is such a shame. Why can't they just go on with what's successful &
works fine ?
Why do they have to turn everything into heavy dinosour monster things ?
: [

If you're interested to try a 1998 version of ANYWARE for Win 3.11
(just to get an impression of it) here is
the download page:

I just discovered that there is a version for Win 95. Because I
don't have 95 available
these days you might download it for yourself. I didn't find any hints
the date of this version.
Maybe they only stopped it for Win 3.11 but continued for Win 95 & up ?
As I already mentioned,
ANYWARE really is a modest kind of program. Go here for screenshot &

>From my side there's nothing to add to your briefing on different kind
of AV programs.
It is exactly the same as what I've experienced so far.
So thanks for your confirmation on that.

Regards, Klaus O.

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