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  • Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2001 14:53:05 EDT

Hi List!

The WWW home page for Frisk Software/F-Prot can be accessed at


I also recommend visiting one of the FTP sites, I use WS_FTP LE as well as 
otehr FTP clients.  The address I use most is ftp://ftp.complex.is, then go 
to the "pub" directory.  From this directory you can find the latest versions 
of F-Prot as well as F-Macrow for Windows, listed as FM-XXX.ZIP, where XXX is 
version number, current is 119.  The definition files are in the ZIP files 
macrodef2.zip and fp-def.zip, and are updated on a regular basis, usually 
every couple of weeks or more.

Frisk Software provides the F-Prot engine to other companies for inclusion in 
their products, namely F-Secure from DataFellows as well as others.  I highly 
recommend everyone download and use the free version of F-Prot for DOS, or if 
you have Linux try the version for Linux, also free.  And, please remember to 
write Frisk Software and tell them how much you appreciate the availability 
of good antivirus software for free personal use.  You'd be surprised what a 
small word of Thanks can do for the morale of the programmers working on 

I keep a link to Frisk Software on my homepages also, address is
It may take awhile to download the page---it's on a MS server afterall, hehe!

See you all later!
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