<CT> Re: Display Drivers

  • From: GLENNRPH@xxxxxxx
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 13:18:17 EDT

Say, I wonder if you could download and install the generic
SVGA drivers for Win3X?  Rather than install a second video
card just for the Win3x partition, I'd try that first.  The generic
SVGA drivers for Win3X are still available widely (last time I
did a "Google" for them), but if you can't find them, let me 
know and I could send them by email.  One "caveat"---some
video cards, even those that are SVGA, do not work with 
these drivers.  The 2 "brands" I have direct experience with 
this are S3 Trio 64 chipset based card, and a Compaq MGA
video card.  With the S3 Trio, Windows will not even initialize, 
and with the Compaq, the display is garbled horribly.  But, 
all the other cards I've tried them on work pretty well...these 
include Cirrus Logic chips, Oak, and another I can't remember
at the moment...maybe it was like Advance???  Anyway, it'd
be worth a try!  Just be SURE and install it only on the Win3X 
installation...as for the resolution, I know the SVGA drivers do 
quite well in 640x480 256 color, 800x600 16 color...
See you later!
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