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  • Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 10:52:05 EST

YES!  This is possible probably 2 ways, but the way I suggest will use
less resources.  I would use an "alias" to DeskTop rather than creating
a shortcut.  But, you could create a shortcut by right clicking on the 
taskbar, choose "properties", then add Desktop to the "additional"
items using the same description that is listed in the Start Menu.
Now, for the method I would use, I would create an alias to Desktop
properties.  Create a new sub-folder off the Calmira main folder in the
Explorer view.  Name this new folder "tray"...to do this just click on "File"
"New" then "Folder"...move the highlight to this new folder, and again,
click "File" and "New", but this time choose "Alias".  Name the new
alias Desktop properties, and for the application command, use
"$DesktopProp" without the quotes.  Now your Calmira Desktop should
be listed in the Tray area for fast easy access!
C U L8R!
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