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  • Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 06:31:36 +0100

>From: John <spyder@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: <CT> Re: DV1 #3 - CALinux...

>May I ask one question, 

Depends what your gonna ask really :o)

>why would you want calmira for Win98?  I
>........but the aim of calmira is to bring the look and
>feel of win95 to win3.1x, correct? 

I never saw it that way (though yes that is also true). I've seen it
develop from its pre-calmira days and always appreciated the
enhancements, speed of getting where I want to go, ethusiasm of its
developers and users.. use of 4dos, idea of a start menu & switchbar
possibly more than its 95 look.

Not being a programmer I never understood the intergration of the
toolbar into the main Calmira app. Ignoring possible technical reasons
I have always felt there were far more possibilities in a more modular
approach where for example I could have the start button anywhere on
the screen without loading calmira explorer or the task/toolbar.

I suspect that when Calmira started life (Calypso?) 95 was new and the
thing of the future but there's no real reason to stay with that as
the only visual icon... I also think that the win95 look as we now see
it actually started off as an enhanced way of accessing programs etc.
So in emulating the look Calmira was actually emulating functionality
and not simply (or even at all) window dressing.

After all... why visually dress up win3 when win95 actually offers
better functionality and 32bit computing? The only reason could be to
enhance the usability of machines that would not really run win95 due
to speed....

I am sure there are many people who have used WindowBlinds (a totally
functionless visual enhancement) have uninstalled it once they get
bored with it adding little new functionality (and slowing down their

I doubt anyone here uses Calmira because it looks like win95 but
probably because as a front end to win3 there is nothing now that can
touch it... and possibly because program manager is not all that

In fact if there was a different looking Calmira with all its internal
functionalities I would have still stuck with it.

I'm sure actually (even though looking a little off topic) there are
some good features in linux that could be emulated.

> I maybe wrong, thats just the
>impression I have..  Now, Win95 and Win98s' GUI is not that much

Though the interfaces are similar and Calmira and win98 have
configurable Start Menus (win95 not so really) the big difference is

Win98s context menu (in particular favourites and new) are probably
the worst for this but also there are times when simply opening a
folder window in 98 is like waiting for paint to dry :o(

Calmira does all this at a much faster pace and has a number of other
useful features... Its also in development and can (and I am sure will
continue to) have more good ideas implemented and not so good ones
improved upon.

Yes MS are not the best at stability but it kinda does the job.

I actually like 98 in some ways but want a 32bit windows with a better
/ faster front end.

>I personally think it wouldn't be a good thing to port a 16bit
>clone of Windows95 GUI to Win9x.  I think it would be better to
>port Gnome Desktop to Win9x <G>

I'm not fussy. I don't think a direct port of Calmira would be
possible anyway but for me it would be nice to see Calmira's
functionality or usability aspects ported over along with its speed.

>I don't know about DOS versions of Linux, I think if you really
>want to experience the power of the penguin, you just have to go
>straight to a big distro, Red Hat, SuSe, or Mandrake and set up a
>dual boot system.  

I'm downloading BigSlack at the mo. The advantages of a dos install
are simply to have a good look around before I commit a machine.

I have no static base the mo but have a variety of machines installed
with different OSs (Cal-win3, win98 (main machine), os2).. next may be
a linux only machine but its taking far more time to understand and
setup than any of the other OSs put together :o(

>Thats what I did and I haven't booted Windows 98 except to do
>book work for my company, .......

I'm not too much into the Linux v Windows debate - The big questions
for me come around the applications I use and quite like (access,
word, agent etc) I have StarOffice for example but it is not as
powerful as these individual applications at their individual tasks.

>Just my two cents on the subject <G>

Welcome :o)

>>I know but its good to hear what other interests calmirarites have...
>Yeah but it still is a bit much, I haven't herd to much
>discussion about Calmira in awhile, what did all the calmira
>users up root and goto Linux or Win9x ?!?

Oh dear :o( I guess we all just tried the evil fiend 32bit computing
out and then found our time was being taken up so much its become hard
to find time for our Calmira boxes :o(

Maybe the topic is ports and why stick with the win95 look.

>>Coming back to Calmira though... does anyone know of a prog that will
>>catalogue a disk (& sub-directories) based on dos filename and 4dos
>>descriptions? .......

>Oh, theres a calmira realated topic <G>

Almost I guess :o)
>Im not sure exactly if such a program exists, however if it does,
>I'd bet dollars to donuts you can find it at
>http://www.rwgroves.demon.co.uk/freebies.htm or at one of the
>many sites Bob Groves has!

Bobs site is tops but I don't think there is unless he's added one
lately :o(

Ive been looking for this one for around 2 years. There are a couple
of 4dos description related apps in windows but none are very good.

I suspect if any such catalogue prog is out there it may be a more
recent development - though Im loosing hope.

>From: Michelle Konzack <mailing-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: <CT> Re: DV1 #3 - CALinux...

>Get a realy good Distri like RedHat 6.2 
>(do not try to install v7.0 if you have no experience...)

Sad thing is I have installed dos, win3, os2, beos blah... with no
experience so why not v7.0... besides how else will I get experience
and at the mo I have only 200mb to commit.

I reckon if I get bigslack to work I'll probably end up a linux wizkid
(though heaven forbid I should end up talking like one of em :o)

>My new Athlon 800 MHz (it will be my pop3-Server) with 256 MByte with 
>Win2000 and StarOffice 5.2 for Windows is crap... because the Windows-
>Version StarOffice needs resources like all other Windows Products.

We measured stuff like startup times and memory resources free. On my
Win 98 133 lapy with 24mb ram SO5.2 won. There may be many reasons but
thats just how it was. Though I think SO is not fully developed yet
anyway and there are still a lot of bugs in the win9+ version.

>From: "Ross Nelson" <coutcin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: <CT> Re: calmira_tips Digest V1 #4

>Mind I'm not so sure linux will make it as a consumer product just
>yet... .............. not really for someone who just
>wants to type a letter :o(


Not sure. Its now being shipped as a consumer product which is
probably the hardest market to please. It needs in many ways to be far
more robust than it does in a bussiness / corporate / enthusiasts
market where there are trained people or linear tasks. It needs all
the apps windows has to please every soul and it needs to be easy to
install and higly modular.

Part of the reason win98+ is so large (except bad programming /
design) is its need to cover all situations and to be fair it does OK
though not always well.

Linux will enevitably have to become this way to. (I wonder if half of
the current linux crowd will remain fans when it is no longer
specialist / underground thing).

> I use a mini-distro of Linux on my 486 (which Calmira is on, but Win doesn't 
> load 
>anything (maybe shell= is blank)), in just console.  It's my relief from Win 
>when I can't telnet to a shell.  :)

I don't understand any of this but I'd be interested to know what good
windows is without a shell?? (Forgive my linux ignorance)

>So, Erwin, any plans on porting Calmira to other OSes, including the much 
>wanted Cal32 and CALinux, as well as Mac (LoL), OS/2 (anyone got a copy of 
>that they don't want?  I am not sure the details of it, but I want it :) ), 

What about WinCE :o))) Or even dos given there is some ongoing and new
work on various Dos Shells :o/

Can't remember where you live Ross? I have OS2 2.1 for Windows (needs
win3.1 installed) and Warp3. Depends where you are as to whether I
could loan them for you to copy (oops.. I mean look at :o)) Im in the

Just out of interest is there a log of how many times each version of
Calmira has been downloaded off the site? I was just wondering what
the user base size might be like these days and since its hard to know
the answer from any one version download (because it is available
elsewhere on the net) it might be easier to make an assumption based
on the rises and falls over different versions / updates?


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