<CT> Re: DV1#30 - Long file names across Interlink/LapLink

  • From: Pete <firststep@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2000 22:08:48 +0000

>Subject: <CT> Long file names across Interlink/LapLink

>I had a couple of Win95 machines connected via an Interlink
>parallel port cable today at work.  The Direct Cable Connection
>was a bit of a pain to set-up and failed frequently (about
>every 3rd file).

Laplink handles lfn between two win9+ systems as does the wholly
excellent WinCommander (it also has a tiny dos server that drops onto
a floppy).

I don't know if winCommander has a 16bit friend.

>C) What could be done to allow Calmira to take maximum advantage
>   of the LFN?  Could Maxim's (?) CD code be modified to handle
>   it?  I recall somebody refering to network LFN's.

A thought came to mind.....

There are various seperate programs that can translate LFNs to 4DOS
Descriptions and back again.

It seems a simple task (so speaks a non programmer :o)) to create a
small prog (or two - one win32 other win16)  that monitors files
dropped into a particular directory and creates a description or
renames a 8.3 dos file name to its relative LFN.

This directory then could be used as a primary file transfer

The other idea is to pick up on Maxim's prog but develop it for a two
way process to synchronise description <> lfn and let Calmira do the
rest on the 16bit side by simply transfering desript.ion with the rest
of the files?

Or something similar :o)

>Calmira relies on what Windows provides. When Windows 3.1 queries a
>directory over a network, it only gets the short filenames returned by
>the win95 machine.

Though in the above senario it might work for selected directories.

>The CD code is made by Les Williams, and not suited for networks.

Is there no way to hook into a file transfer across the network and
activate a description creation or file rename?


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