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  • From: Michelle Konzack <mailing-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2000 09:52:39 -0200

>>Erwin, WE NEED CALinux!  Everyone's moving to Linux, or being pressured to 
>>do so.  * dreams of CALinux *
>I'm still dreaming of a Cal32 -- I bet you get your CALinux before I
>get a new shell for win98 :o(((

Hi, I use Debian/GNU-Linux 2.1r5 and curently I learn to programm C under 
Linux. It is a little bit different from 32Bit-Dos-Programming (DJGPP) and 
now Linux, but RHIDE is ported to Linux and Allegro too  ;-))

I like to programm a new lite WindowManager wit the functionality of Calmira.

Not a killer like KDE oder GNOME because they need resources like 
Win95/98/2000 and eNTe  ;-))

        eNTe    =    Ente    =    Duck   ;-))

>Mind I'm not so sure linux will make it as a consumer product just
>yet... I'm running a dos based zipslack version and have only just got
>my mouse to work after a year (probably as I get so frustrated I only
>boot into linux when I'm bored)... not really for someone who just
>wants to type a letter :o(

Get a realy good Distri like RedHat 6.2 
(do not try to install v7.0 if you have no experience...)

>I know its all off topic but :o)))..  I was involved in a discussion
>around the linux & win versions of 5.2. I was quite surprised that win
>probably fares a lot better in stability and memory needs at the mo.
>Though win SO 5.2 isn't the tops either.

My new Athlon 800 MHz (it will be my pop3-Server) with 256 MByte with 
Win2000 and StarOffice 5.2 for Windows is crap... because the Windows-
Version StarOffice needs resources like all other Windows Products.


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