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  • From: John <spyder@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2000 23:41:25 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Pete wrote:


>>Erwin, WE NEED CALinux!  Everyone's moving to Linux, or being pressured to 
>>do so.  * dreams of CALinux *
>I'm still dreaming of a Cal32 -- I bet you get your CALinux before I
>get a new shell for win98 :o(((

May I ask one question, why would you want calmira for Win98?  I
mean, hey, I love calmira, it is the best thing to happen to
Windows 3.1x, but the aim of calmira is to bring the look and
feel of win95 to win3.1x, correct?  I maybe wrong, thats just the
impression I have..  Now, Win95 and Win98s' GUI is not that much
different.  I have used Win95a as well as Win98SE and I believe
that Explorer is not the most stable, but no Micro$oft product
can be considered stable! 

I personally think it wouldn't be a good thing to port a 16bit
clone of Windows95 GUI to Win9x.  I think it would be better to
port Gnome Desktop to Win9x <G>
>Mind I'm not so sure linux will make it as a consumer product just
>yet... I'm running a dos based zipslack version and have only just got
>my mouse to work after a year (probably as I get so frustrated I only
>boot into linux when I'm bored)... not really for someone who just
>wants to type a letter :o(

The bigger Linux Distributions are becomming more and more newbie
friendly, Red Hat, SuSe, Mandrake are all fairly easy to install,
I know Red Hat and Mandrake both have Graphical Installers, and I
believe SuSe does also, however I never used SuSe.

I don't know about DOS versions of Linux, I think if you really
want to experience the power of the penguin, you just have to go
straight to a big distro, Red Hat, SuSe, or Mandrake and set up a
dual boot system.  

Thats what I did and I haven't booted Windows 98 except to do
book work for my company, Quick Books Pro.  If I didn't need that
for my company, then Windows 98 would be gone, and oh, guess
what, Red Hat probed all of my hardware and set it up no problem 

I also have my Win3x/Calmira box which I still need to get a
monitor for, it is a 486 -66 MHz with 8 meg of RAM.

Just my two cents on the subject <G>


>>This is getting off-topic though. This list is for Windows 3.1 and
>>Calmira.  :)
>I know but its good to hear what other interests calmirarites have...

Yeah but it still is a bit much, I haven't herd to much
discussion about Calmira in awhile, what did all the calmira
users up root and goto Linux or Win9x ?!?

>Coming back to Calmira though... does anyone know of a prog that will
>catalogue a disk (& sub-directories) based on dos filename and 4dos
>descriptions? Also need to be able to edit the descriptions (and have
>them written back to central db and also directory *.ion files - if

Oh, theres a calmira realated topic <G>

Im not sure exactly if such a program exists, however if it does,
I'd bet dollars to donuts you can find it at
http://www.rwgroves.demon.co.uk/freebies.htm or at one of the
many sites Bob Groves has!

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