<CT> Re: DV1 #3 - CALinux...

  • From: Pete <firststep@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2000 01:01:45 +0100

Hi all,

>Sweeeeeeet.  You serious?  1/3rd?!??!?!??!!?  And, the Deluxe versions of 
>Linux are so worth it too.  The Complete edition of Linux-Mandrake is only 
>$29.95 at Wal-Mart (I have it, just can't use it on here), and it's worth 
>it.  Tons of cool programs, as well as StarOffice 5.1a (on a CD).

Now I did think of starting up a business exporting UK computer mags
to the US...(only a thought mind you :o))..

At £4.99 per mag and CD (including full os's as mandrake and apps as
SO5.2,) we seem to be spoilt for OSs and apps at the mo... or maybe
its just our inet access is more limited / expensive so manufacturers
have to give em away to try and kick start the market... 

I must say however the Linux mags have the air and look of dos/win3
comp mags from the 80s.. not quite consumer enough/ready and still
industry focused.

>Erwin, WE NEED CALinux!  Everyone's moving to Linux, or being pressured to 
>do so.  * dreams of CALinux *

I'm still dreaming of a Cal32 -- I bet you get your CALinux before I
get a new shell for win98 :o(((

Mind I'm not so sure linux will make it as a consumer product just
yet... I'm running a dos based zipslack version and have only just got
my mouse to work after a year (probably as I get so frustrated I only
boot into linux when I'm bored)... not really for someone who just
wants to type a letter :o(

>Yep! Only $60 billion left! BTW, 5.2 is the current vesion of
>StarOffice, it's been out for quite a while.

I know its all off topic but :o)))..  I was involved in a discussion
around the linux & win versions of 5.2. I was quite surprised that win
probably fares a lot better in stability and memory needs at the mo.
Though win SO 5.2 isn't the tops either.

It is however an application that begs to be Shell (at present it runs
a touch better in explorer though it can overlay the startbar /

Its not an app for the Calmira crew though with its minimum
requirement of 166mhz & 64mb ram... I run on 133 with 24mb and it
works - but only just.... Its not so modular either so memory is often
tied to supporting the overall app rather than the task underhand :o(

>This is getting off-topic though. This list is for Windows 3.1 and
>Calmira.  :)

I know but its good to hear what other interests calmirarites have...

Coming back to Calmira though... does anyone know of a prog that will
catalogue a disk (& sub-directories) based on dos filename and 4dos
descriptions? Also need to be able to edit the descriptions (and have
them written back to central db and also directory *.ion files - if


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