<CT> Re: DV1 #11 - Re: T4600C laptop help PLEASE!!!!

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  • Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 10:04:57 EST

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firststep@xxxxxxxxx writes:

<< I had a T1900 which I believe to be older / slower.. was 20mhz /
 B/W... Excellent and light machine. Never any problems with pcmcia
 cards or video.
 A little slow but with the right software did almost everything I
 needed on a basic level.
 What speed is the 4600? >>

well, I have a T1910 that is 25mhz, does fullscreen fullmotion video (need to 
find external dvd player for LTP1:, mpg files play fine).  Need any files to 
play movies/mp3 in dos on 25mhz or above, email me offlist.

Well, I was hoping this 4600 laptop would be faster than my T1910 (Black and 
white), but alas, it appears as if it is only marginally faster (software 
speed select, 7mhz to 33mhz in really odd steps).  Yet is also has COLOR!!!  
Soooo.... it IS an upgrade 4 me.  :)

I was really looking for the special edition files because the programs I am 
actually missing that are specific to that edition are ones that grant socket 
services (only have the companion files, missing actual executable and proper 
usage) as well as monitors the battery/etc.  I have enough of the special 
edition files to know that the installed OS is supposed to be the special 

Heh... seems like a lot of repititious typing in that paragraph...  :P

Peace out my pc friends,
tia for any help

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