<CT> Re: DV1 #11 - Re: T4600C laptop help PLEASE!!!!

  • From: Pete <firststep@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 00:03:29 +0100

>Subject: <CT> T4600C laptop help PLEASE!!!!

Hi Benj

>hey everyone, I just got a new laptop (new to me)
>It's a Toshiba T4600C.


>I can't find drivers, support or diddly online.

Sometimes there is nothing because there is nothing needed.?

>Special Toshiba edition Windows 3.11 ~doesn't do enhanced mode, missing files~
>Special Toshiba edition DOS6.22 ~missing a few standard DOS files~

Personally I would dump these and just do a plain install of dos6.22 &
win3.11... + Calmira of course. 

Though if 50mhz+ I would now (the heretic I am) be tempted to do an
early version win95 install.

Anything like battery meter, socket services, etc can be installed or
riped out of your above edition..

I had a T1900 which I believe to be older / slower.. was 20mhz /
B/W... Excellent and light machine. Never any problems with pcmcia
cards or video.

A little slow but with the right software did almost everything I
needed on a basic level.

What speed is the 4600?

As to bios upgrades and stuff... the old moto.. if it isn't broken
don't fix it applies......


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