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  • Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 22:30:37 +0200

I would like to help, too, though admittedly I don't really know how -
I'm just a poor student with not much web space at my disposal, let
alone any 24/7 servers. (I toyed with the idea of setting up an old
notebook - because of its quietness - as a server with Xitami on WfW
plus Win32s once, but given I'm on a DSL line with variable IP and
thunderstorms do occur here, that would have been impractical, perhaps
even dangerous.) I'm not particularly good in graphics either. A bit of
HTML work might be feasible (I'll probably have an epsilon or a bit more
of time in the next 1.5 months). Hmm, I might be able to put some stuff
on i24.com, but the server is behind an ISDN line only.

As my last mail obviously got sorted out because of too much quoting,
here it is again:

Re: <CT> Windows in a flash usb disk

> Does anybody knows how to create a system usb flash
> disk?

c't mag here in .de had an article dealing with this short while ago.

[snip, snap, snop]

First off, you must enable USB Legacy Support in the BIOS setup.
Then you should know how the BIOS would like the USB stick to set up,
some want a super floppy emulation, others need a hard drive

Does booting from the USB stick work with the Win98 files? Then it
*should* work with an older MS-DOS as well (I assume plain ol' FAT16 is
used). As for getting Windows 3.1x to work on MS-DOS 7.1, osr2fix.exe
should help.

BTW: My home page has MOVED to
Thanks to Gaby for hosting it now :). I'll just have to look out for a
nifty icon to be used as favicon.ico.

Home: http://stephan.win31.de/ | Webm.: http://www.i24.com/
PC#6: i440LX, 2xCel300A, 256 MB, 18 GB, ATI AGP 32 MB, 110W
      This is a SCSI-inside, Legacy-plus, TCPA-free computer :)
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