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  • From: Bob Groves <Bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 17:1:4 +0000

At 16/06/2001 23:00:00, you wrote:
>I've created a color scheme for Windows 3.1 that - apart from the title
>bar color - resembles the one of Windows 2000:
>Windows 2000=A86838,F0FBFF,FFFFFF,0,C8D0D0,0,DF0000,
>(insert into control.ini as one long line)
>Personally I like this one more, though:
>16.06.2001 #3=B0E0B0,F0FBFF,FFFFFF,0,C8D0D0,0,DF0000,
>(The background color matches winvi13.bmp from the background image pack
>for the editor WinVi, look at www.winvi.de)

Nice. Anybody got any others?
Bob Groves

"The best lack all conviction, whilst the worst are full of passionate 
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