<CT> Re: Car Wreck!

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  • Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 16:21:50 EST

hurt bad... heh...
on extra strength vicidin  (spelling is most definately wrong), 750 

Doesn't do much for the pain, knocks my lights out.
I can't walk much, my back gets too painful... back in school though... I 
shouldn't be, hurts a lot, but I am less than 2 months away from completing 
it...  if I wait, I'll have to wait another year to finish this section up 
(digital networking), and to take my A+ certification exam.

My shoulder is improving greatly though, still sore as hell...
My massage therapists have been trying to work it back to its proper position 
so I won't have to have surgery, and it seems to be working for now.  Still 
have next to no strength in it though, I couldn't squeeze an orange for the 
juice if my life depended on it.

My mother still gets spacey, she had a double concussion and a hematoma 
somethin or other at the base of her skull.  SHe also broke her finger, its 
healing well.  The doctors have ordered a 3 mri to try to figure out what's 
wrong with her head.  She's in so much pain (also hurt her back pretty badly, 
slipped disc suspected), her meds keep her in bed for the most part.

Still have therapy, will have it for 4-6 weeks for my back they think.

That's about it folks.

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