<CT> Re: Can anyone say off-topic? OFF-TOPIC!!!! (I said it! Weeeeee)

  • From: Bob Groves <Bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 15:54:11 +0000

At 19/12/2000 07:20:00, you wrote:
>Happy b-day, Bob!

Thanks Ross!

>>Yes, good old DOS is still located in the COMMAND folder, though you can't
>>boot into like you used to (unless you have an old floppy handy). Windows 
>>has legacy 16-bit underpinnings, and frankly I can't see that disappearing 
>>yet (I know.... M$ have been bleating about removing it for ages!).
>*cough*F8*cough*  Tried that?  

Yup. It gets you everything except boot to DOS.

>I couldnt' tell you when to press it because 
>I have a stupid company startup logo over the bios, OS, etc info.  Speaking 

Best idea is to tap it rapidly as you boot... seems to catch the right moment :)

>of, anyone know how to remove it?  I know Gateway has the same thing (if 
>that helps you understand what I'm talking about).

That's a good question... :( ?

Bob Groves

'People are more violently opposed to fur than 
leather because it's safer to harass rich women 
than motorcycle gangs.' (Anon.)

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