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In a message dated 03-07-30 15:42:37 EDT, Gaby writes:

<< If it's o.k. for you, it's o.k. for me :-)
 Btw, there's still a link to calmira.*org* on your website.... >>

OK, I've updated my website, replaced Calmira.org with....
(play WAV here if desired, hehe  TADA.WAV)
Next step will be to check my other pages and get those
Oh, a "FWIW", "for what it's worth", my screen shots are
done with LView Pro 16, it is still pretty good for most
image handling, converts between formats, and will display
many types, as well as save to a good number of formats.
I have also used a very old version of a screen capture app 
that once was available from the authors of Paint Shop.  
Anyway, keep up the great work!
Glenn Gilbreath Jr.
aka Wizard57M
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