<CT> Re: Calmira version 3.2 'hangs' at exit :((

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Hi All,

Last night I installed v3.2 on the Omnibook 300 and it bombed, however, I
did two things and it stopped:  First I moved all the files to the default
folder position, C:\Calmira (it was originally tried at C:\windows\Calmira)
and then I tried not to use the 3D .dll file (I forget the name - look at
all the .dll file containing the letters "3D") by renaming it from ".dll" to
".dl_".  Then it worked fine.  I think it was the dll causing the problem
but I haven't moved the files back yet...

In trying to not use the mouse, I found out a keyboard sequence that would
allow me to run Explorer from the initial installation as the shell (because
desktop icons and Start are not focused (hilighted) and the keyboard doesn't
do anything.)  I had thought I read that Calmira will be assigned a default
keyboard shortcut, but I didn't see it -let me know if I'm wrong.
 (for those interested:)
Ctrl-Esc to bring up Task Switcher
Alt-E to End Task -focus falls on Recycle Bin
Enter opens Recycle Bin Window
Alt-F4 closes Recycle Bin Window
Ctrl-Esc to bring up Task Switcher again (last 2 keystrokes may not be
Alt-E to End Task -focus now falls on My Computer
Enter opens My Computer Window
Arrow Keys to focus on Calmira Explorer

Now everything is available to me including the Run... command and the
ability to setup my Calmira Keyboard shortcuts.  Of course I could have done
this before running Calmira through DOS Edit but that's only from prior

Jumping to files and folders via first letter on Explorer is enabled only on
the right side.  Is there a way of not showing the left side tree?  Keyboard
navigation on the tree side via first letter is not possible, is there a way
of implementing this?  File Manager has a Split adjustment accessible
through a menu to resize panes, can Explorer have one?

Opening the My Computer Window with full details (not icons) is similar to
Explorer's right pane, but clicking on a folder always opens a new one; is
there a way of using just a single window and save on resource memory?  That
would be wonderful.
A related idea:  do you think running 2 instances of My Computer Windows,
tiled, would allow first letter jumping on both panes?  Could this be a
viable alternative/substitute for Explorer?

From Task Switcher, if one chooses Arrange Icons, all Desktop Icons align
along the bottom with no keyboard access to reposition, it seems.  Please
let me know if there is a way.  I see that there may be something in the ini
files regarding positioning but I haven't fiddled around with this yet.
Hope there's an easier way.

Thanks!  -Bill

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Hi all,

I've downloaded the new Calmira 3.2 setup version &
installed it on top of Calmira 3.12 beta.

Now I can't exit 'normally' any longer.
At the logout dialog I select either of the
three shutdown options & as next I get
literally stuck in 'blue sky' : |

There really wasn't anything wrong
when I had 3.12 beta in, but
the reports here about 3.2
sounded so promising
that I decided to give it a go.
Indeed, apart from shutdown
everything seems to be an improvement
(Well done)
However being dependant on my black power off
button in order to leave Calmira/Windows3.11
really spoils any fun.
Please help.



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