<CT> Re: Calmira status [bitmap bug]

  • From: Norm Finch <NormF@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 05 Oct 2003 23:21:52 -0500

> ... a bug that has troubled manu users, ... the corrupted start menu
> icons

This has been the one significant problem I've had with Calmira.  The
solution to date for me has been a workaround.

Since bmpcache.bmp is a single-use item -- i.e., it corrupts upon
attempted re-use (which is to say anytime Windows is loaded again
after an initial session), the workaround has been a batch file.  I
wrote and use a batch file to load Windows.  When Windows is unloaded
after a session, one of the final steps of the batch file is to delete
bmpcache.bmp.  This forces a fresh recreation of bmpcache.bmp the next
time the batch file is run to load Windows.  That greatly lengthens
the load time needed to get Windows up and running, but at least the
icons are uncorrupted then.

The only other solution is to force a full rebuild of the Start menu
at the beginning of each Windows session.  But that requires manual
intervention [read: mouse clicks and/or keystrokes] ... not too
elegant.  At least the batch file method is automatic.

As for LFN ... now that I've gotten most of my folders described,
along with the main files in them of any major meaningfulness, I'm as
well pleased with 4DOS descriptions as not.  I do have Win32s
installed as well, which among other things deals with LFNs fed to me
from outside my system (at least, that's the way I recall it
working).  Since my system is DOS7.03/Win3.1 only, the only time I
ever use LFNs anyway is when I happen to be on someone else's
computer.  Frankly, I find it clumsy, and a discouragement to brevity
and clarity.  So all together, this is good enough.  I like what I

What I *would* like to see incorporated is a better handling of color
customization.  In particular, the ambiguity of undefined terms and
jargon here defies unraveling in my opinion.  And as for the
alternative, I get tired of trial-and-error methods of bulldozing
through the whole heap in hope of discovering what I'm after.  End
result: I never have gotten the full color scheme established that I'd
envisioned when I began.

That's not really a programming problem however.  Perhaps, given
appropriate enlightenment, I might find it's the sort of thing that
others like myself could be contributing in the future, ala Linux.
Say, a rewriting of the help file?  Maybe I should just clear a spot
on my plate for the project, instead of wishing it off on Erwin or

"The chief virtue that language can have is clearness." - Hippocrates
               -- Peace.  Write well.  Do good work. --

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