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  • From: Bob Groves <bobgroves@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 19:57:23 +0000

On Monday 01 Mar 2004 6:20 pm, Ross Nelson wrote:
> Hehehe, that's a good enough reason for me.
> I have OS X binaries for Bochs; I should install Win3.11 sometime
> (though I hate to think of copying the 11 floppies or so -- such an
> annoyance).  I want to see what Calmira XP is like.  :D  It's been a
> couple of years since I used Calmira or Win3 for more than 5 minutes.

I burned the floppies onto a CD-ROM years ago as a backup, and so installed 
from this CD. As long as you boot Bochs from a floppy with the relevant CD 
drivers installed you can then partition and format your HDD diskfile and 
install Windows direct from the CD-ROM. Saves a lot of disk swapping.

Bob Groves

It's from Casablanca.  I've been waiting all my life to use that line.
                -- Woody Allen, "Play It Again, Sam"

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