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  • Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 12:45:45 +0100

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ok.. havent a link..

but i have my samba setup from:


(which inside of this has all the settings)

I was helped to set this up.. so you will most likely have to create or
replicate this this..

im not a huge linux geek.. my server works.. as it is.. i can help with a
few bits! hey! im only 16!

Sorry for the slow reply!

I hope this is of use to you all!

  workgroup = LABYRINTH
  netbios name = SERVER
  server string = SERVER SAMBA %v on %L

  security = domain
  encrypt passwords = yes
  smb passwd file = /etc/samba/smbpasswd

  log file = /usr/local/logs/samba.%m.log
  max log size = 1000
  log level = 2

  interfaces =
  bind interfaces only = yes
  socket address =
  hosts allow = 127. 192.168.0. 192.168.1.
  socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=8192 SO_SNDBUF=8192

  kernel oplocks = no
  max xmit = 32768
  read raw = no
  write raw = no
  read size = 32768

  load printers = no

  add user script = /usr/sbin/adduser -n -g samba -c Machine -d /dev/null -s
/bin/false %m$

  logon path = \\SERVER\profiles\%u

  logon drive = H:
  logon home = \\SERVER\users\%u
  logon script = generic.bat

  domain logons = yes
  os level = 64
  preferred master = yes
  domain master = true
  local master = yes

  dns proxy = no

  wins support = yes
  name resolve order = wins lmhosts hosts bcast
  time server = yes
  dos filetimes = yes
  dos filetime resolution = yes
  fake directory create times = yes
  valid users = rhf mum dad ej

  create mask = 0770
  force create mode = 0770
  directory mask = 0770
  force directory mode = 0770

  guest account = guest

# nimda worm protection
#  veto files = /*.eml/*.nws/riched20.dll/*.{*}/

  browseable = no
  read only = no

  comment = Server netlogon drive
  path = /data/netlogon
  read only = yes

  comment = Server public drive
  path = /data/public$
  read only = yes
  volume = SERVER-PUBLIC

  comment = Server shared drive
  path = /data/shared
  read only = no
  volume = SERVER-SHARED

Live on Windows 3x!

Regards Richard

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At 08/09/2002 3.53.00 PM, you wrote:
>> It is so cool bridging Windows 3.11 with my Linux server which acts as a
>> Samba Windows Domain + IE 5 on a 486 flying round at 512kbs!
>Happen to have a URL to a good text file on setting up Samba as a domain
>server (I assume that's what you mean)?  I have Samba set up on the laptop
>here (my linux server) and it works great, but I'd love to set it up as a

Could you point me in the direction of this?
Bob Groves

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