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hmm, Hosting Calmira on a 486 running IIS.. hmm and NT 3.51, Security,
Uptime, Crashability! are going to be a fundemental flaw in this plan!

I have ADSL 512/256.. Unlimited Bandwidth.. I host parts of two of my web
sites from here off of my RedHat server(s),

I dont put anything valueable on the servers, due to the connection not
being a valued one, if part of your ISP goes down, they don't really see it
a major problem initially, however if a server were to be colocated it would
be much more valuable to get the box(es) back onto the web as soon as

I have a UK colocated cobalt RaQ3 at my disposal with 20gb of disk space,
Its lease will be running out soon, (August), I will help with hosting files
until then, whereafter I move my sites to a new server of which I can help
hosting files, the server is colocated and runs at UK2, Let me know if my
services of hosting anything can be at hand!

Lets "try" and keep this going!



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I'm just looking at the feasability of using a PC to serve Calmira.  I just
spent $3 and bought Windows NT 3.51 Server and IIS 3.51.  I'm on a
1.5Mbit/512Kbit ADSL connection with 5GB/1GB  transfer.  I just dove into
the Archives
when Robin (then Brian) posted the bandwidth used by the site for March,
2002.  If the screenshots and downloads are stored on dedicated servers, it
be feasable for me to serve, or at least mirror the main site.  It shows
that the downloads and screenshots accounted for 94.374% of the site's
bandwidth.  This means that everything except for the screenshots used
approximately 154.42MB of bandwidth.  I might just have to soup up my IBM
425SX/D.  I can probably get my hands on another AMD 5x86 133MHz based
upgrade CPU and I'll put 64MB ram in it.

Here's an excerpt from that message.

"Total Bytes Served             2,878,039,102
Total Page Requests             35316
(of which 10,832 were the front page)
Directory                       hits    (% of bytes served)
/downloads/                     13,406  (70.060%)
/screenshots/                   20745   (24.314%)

So in March, calmira.org served roughly 2.9 GIGAbytes of data, and the
two big pages were (to no real surprise :-P ) downloads and screenshots."


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