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  • From: Gaby.Chaudry@xxxxxxxxxxx (Gaby Chaudry)
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  • Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 21:05:35 +0200


> Who owns calmira.org right now?  My brother had an issue with "domain
> leasing," where he tried moving hosts and his host technically owned the
> domain.  Are we facing a situation like that?  Could we still use
> calmira.org, or is that just too difficult to get back?  

This is what netsol.com says right now:


The Calmira Tips Mailing List (CALMIRA-DOM)
2241 Platte pl apt 1
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Domain Name: CALMIRA.ORG

Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Brian, Johnson (JB21028) blj8@xxxxxxxx
Hardly any, sometimes...
COLORADO SPGS, CO 80909-5929

Record expires on 27-Sep-2003.
Record created on 11-May-2002.
Database last updated on 23-Jul-2003 14:31:53 EDT.

Domain servers in listed order:



This means that Robin is still registered owner. I guess his ISP just 
blocked the domain, but they can't delete the entry before the 
expiration date Spetember, 27.

AFAICI (as far as I can imagine...), after September, 27 the domain 
will either move over to the ISP or will be available again for 

> If we cannot use calmira.org, that is not a fatal problem. We can use
> another address as Erwin suggested.  The issue is, we should have a
> stable domain that we can be sure will stay within the community
> indefinitely.  If we know that an address will be good for the next
> decade, then we can get behind it and advertise that as the new home for
> Calmira.

Yep. Anyway, to ensure that an address will be good for the next 
decade, we have to keep the community going. I.e. if the person who 
hosts the domain (whoever it is) is in financial/technical trouble, 
he/she should immediately let us know. So that a situation like the 
current one won't be created again. 

> Gaby, if you wanted to grab calmira.de and are willing to host a
> reasonable amount of bandwidth, I'm sure we can get a volunteer to
> maintain the site. 

I've registered calmira.de today, and it should be reachable not later 
than Friday (my ISP has a direct line to the .de NIC).
Now, if somebody has got a mirror and is willing to upload the stuff, 
please contact me and I will install an ftp account.

> Erwin, if things are still up in the air, can we get your go-ahead on
> calmira.de ?

This would be great :-)

> PS. I want to get a listing of all the calmira-related sites, for my own
> interest.  If everyone with a Calmira page could send me a link and
> description of their page, I'd like to put together a page.  It'll be at
> http://calmirajumpbutton.cjb.net and it'll just be links to other 

Well, here's the link: http://www.win31.de 
Description? Mmmmh.... "Everything a modern Win 3.1 user needs." 
;-)) Is this o.k.???

Cheers, Gaby

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