<CT> Re: Calmira Funding

  • From: changa mwene <mwenechanga@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 10:39:57 -0700

Who owns calmira.org right now?  My brother had an issue with "domain
leasing," where he tried moving hosts and his host technically owned the
domain.  Are we facing a situation like that?  Could we still use
calmira.org, or is that just too difficult to get back?  

If we cannot use calmira.org, that is not a fatal problem. We can use
another address as Erwin suggested.  The issue is, we should have a
stable domain that we can be sure will stay within the community
indefinitely.  If we know that an address will be good for the next
decade, then we can get behind it and advertise that as the new home for

To keep Calmira's credibility as a product, we must have an address that
is consistent and that has a high amount of up-time.  It does not matter
what that address is, but it must not change more than absolutely
necessary. I think it does not matter if the guestbook and screenshots
are handled by linking off-site (or even if there's none at first).  I
think our best bet would be a short, stable domain that only hosts
welcome info and links (say, 100k or less) and then links to mirrors for
the program files.  

Gaby, if you wanted to grab calmira.de and are willing to host a
reasonable amount of bandwidth, I'm sure we can get a volunteer to
maintain the site. 

Erwin, if things are still up in the air, can we get your go-ahead on
calmira.de ?

PS. I want to get a listing of all the calmira-related sites, for my own
interest.  If everyone with a Calmira page could send me a link and
description of their page, I'd like to put together a page.  It'll be at
http://calmirajumpbutton.cjb.net and it'll just be links to other pages.

If your site's not really calmira-related, I can still include it on a
Calmira users list, which I'll also create if there's interest.

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