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  • From: Gaby.Chaudry@xxxxxxxxxxx (Gaby Chaudry)
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  • Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 21:22:25 +0200

Hi Norm!

> There was talk about setting up the "new" site/domain name to make it
> good to go for ten years.  Was that number simply rhetorical -- it
> rounds out nicely -- or is there more than coincidence tied to it?

I guess it was just rhetorical. Imagine: what a long period is ten 
years of computer history! 10 years is the mystical age that makes a 
computer a vintage computer!

> When I did a Y2K upgrade of my copy of Win3.1, I noticed that
> Microsoft had posted a related document stating that even with that
> upgrading, Win3.1 would cease to function after the year 2013. 

Mmmh, why should it? I can imagine that there will be a real problem 
with any date beyond 2083, but I don't believe that I will reach an age 
of 119 years to see what will happen ... ;-))

> Finally, is there any interest left in personal sketches?  If so,
> perhaps it's not too late to contribute my own soon (in another post,
> say a day or two from now?).  I'll try to keep it short, if so.  Gaby,
> perhaps there might even be a place for collecting all of them in a
> subdirectory of the new Calmira.org? ... another contribution to a sense
> of community?

Mmmh, as for the place: there is. But I'm not sure whether people 
want their sketches to be published, anonymously or not. 
What do the others think about it?

Bye, Gaby

Mrs. Gaby Chaudry
Wirtstr. 10, 81539 Muenchen, Germany
URL: http://www.gaby.de

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