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  • From: "Ken Yaksa - Derrick Limited" <yaksaken@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 22:55:48 +0800

Hi there & Ben09880:

Currently, I also don't know if Win3.1 will be dead after 2013
yr.  But I will try, too. ":)

> Has anyone tried out the VMWare Workstation 4.0?  It claims
> delivers!! YAY!) to allow multiple virtual computers on one
station to
> run any x86 compatable operating systems.  I have so far
> Win98se on my WinXP laptop without a glitch!  Only problem was
> finding a sound driver compatable with 98 (my laptop is fairly
> and HP never released drivers for less than Win2k).  Yes, the
> program is $$, but you can download the free trial, and contact
> offlist for installation help... *wink wink

I don't use VMWare, but using Virtual PC now (Seems it is the
only one could be run under Win9x, sure could be run under NT4,
2000 or XP too) to allow multiple virtual computers running in my
Win98se computer.  Currently I have installed WinME, WinNT 4.0,
DOS 3.3/Win2.03 & Dos6.22/Win3.1 in it without any problem.

Since it emulates SB16 for the sound, so I have no problem to get
sound works under it. :)

For Virtual PC 4.x, it emulates 440LX chipset, Tiro64V+ VGA, SB16
soundcard & Intel 10Mbps lan card.  I tried Virtual PC 5.x/6.x
too, since it emulates 100MBps Intel lan, if you only get 10Mbps
lan in the real world, it will have problems to access outside w/
the virtual 100Mbps lan card... Urr...

Best regards,
Ken Yaksa - Derrick Limited I.T. Dept.


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