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Hey Norm!  Na, I don't know about that 2013 death deadline for Win3.11, have 
you ever tried setting the date to that and see what happens?  I would, except 
I currently have no Win3.1 partition...  Give me a day or two and I'll report 
back on this.

Has anyone tried out the VMWare Workstation 4.0?  It claims (and delivers!! 
YAY!) to allow multiple virtual computers on one station to run any x86 
compatable operating systems.  I have so far installed Win98se on my WinXP 
laptop without a glitch!  Only problem was finding a sound driver compatable 
with 98 (my laptop is fairly new, and HP never released drivers for less than 
Win2k).  Yes, the program is $$, but you can download the free trial, and 
contact me offlist for installation help... *wink wink

As far as the previous post on a display driver goes, to find the sound driver 
I had to load Knoppix (Knoppix is a 'live' linux cd, no install necessary or 
possible for that matter) and watch what it said my hardware was according to 
its nearly flawless autodetection of hardware.  Perhaps I could find out more 
technical information on your particular Gateway problem?  I am usually quite 
good at finding drivers....  and I no longer have the original message posted...

Adding a little bio page would be nice, but it would be better perhaps to put 
up a small photo gallery?  You know, show how we actually *use* the software.  
Ideas, comments? 

Well, I am off to write a speech on that VMware Workstation for class... going 
to get an 'A+'.  
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