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<< Still, if it's truly abandoned (or for that matter, if it's not and
 Caldera decided [assuming they still exist and are capable of
 decision-making] that they actually liked the idea), AND if it works
 ... >>

The last I heard, Caldera is somewhat alive, BUT, they have
adopted the name "SCO"---as in SCO Unix.  Also, they are
planning on possibly bringing lawsuits against a host of other
operating system companies, such as Sun, IBM, MS, and
various Linux distributions.  They are claiming these people
are using parts of SCO Unix source code in their operating
systems.  As for Dr DOS, well, I don't know...as you've 
noticed, it's on again off again.  One other thing to point out...
FAT32 does not necessarily enable long file name support...
only 32 bit cluster/sector addressing of a hard disk drive.  This
allows for smaller cluster sizes and an overall improvement in
the storage efficiency of a hard drive.  Dr DOS's FAT32 driver
is included as an attempt to access drives formatted with
Win9X FAT32.

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