<CT> Re: CTV4 #54 - Keeping Calmira Alive.

  • From: Pete <firststep@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2003 10:59:11 +0100


>From: "Richard Hamilton-Frost" <rich@xxxxxxxxx>

>I dont want to sound cynical,
>but this is where calmira ends,
>The site is gone, and the Calmira community is about to split into lots =
>little factions,

I can't see any factions! I do see people who have the capacity and
want to help out or make a difference.

>Calmira has loads of unnoficial sub-sites, but this is where it all goes=
>pot, unless someone can pay the calmira.org hosting fee or get the dns
>delegated to elsewhere, this community WILL DIE, and become unheard of, =
>old calmira.org was a bridge site so people could download the program
>itself, or source etc, and find links to a majority of the sub-sites.
>Something needs to be done with the real calmira.org rather than =
>more unoficial sites!

I agree but given the nature of the web (rather transient) I doubt it
matters whether we have a 'calmira.org' or a www.xxx\Calmira\ ..

I have been rather frustrated with all the different sites over the
past 4+ years but I guess its a bit like the 'wild west' here in

There are lots of frontier type people in this list. Mostly I guess
because we all remember the begining of the web.

We have all been there. Done that. Got the T-Shirt :o)

>Sorry to tread on toes Mike, but I believe something more efficient must=
>done rather than creating more sites.

Lets see how people react. I know there will be lots of positive
feeling. I am sure between us we can come to some agreement or share
the task in hand.

I for one would be happy if anyone took over the responsibility but I
will also happily take responsibility.

If anyone here can remember me I have had the same address for over 5
years and will happily promise my continued support.

Most of all we are only talking about setting up a 'mirror' of some

All I and most of us have to do is produce the product. I pay my ISP
to keep it online!

I won't even miss the 3 or 4Mb it might take.

Win 16 might be dead but there are some classic that deserve our
respect. Calmira is one.

I am sure anyone who has used the Gutenberg Project knows what I am
talking about.


Anyway. Erwin is the closest person I know that can give some advice
on this?


How can I \ we go about this?

Also someone mentioned paying for the Calmira.Org domain?

My www.infoweaver.net domain costs me about =A37 per year.

I will not pay for a server (because it does not matter what server
Calmira is on) but I will happily put up 50 percent of the domain name
cost for at least the next 12 months if it is reasonable.


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