<CT> Re: <CT>OT: Need help on bios stuff... read if knowledgable please

  • From: Greg Fundyler <gyf@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 02:43:12 -0600

First, I hope you get well soon. That sounds really serious. About the
cache, it's very important. With cache turned off, the computer will
crawl. When my brother got his 500Mhz Pentium III computer, it had the
exact same problem! Here's what you do, if possible: Take the processor
out, clean the pins and the socket with rubbing alcohol. That was the
problem with his, may not be what's wrong with your, but cleaning it
wouldn't hurt (unless you do it wrong).  :)
I doubt the cache is 'damaged'. External cache might be damaged, but if
the internal cache is somehow damages, the processor probably isn't in
very good shape anyway. I hope you get everything worked out. When you
do get the cache working the computer will go much faster.

- Greg

BEN09880@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Hey everyone, this posting is OFFTOPIC!!!!!!
> Another problem, would the lack on cache cause the system to take 670minutes
> to install windows95?  The system is acting as slow as another system I had.
> I had to mess with settings in the BIOS before it would run at a decent
> speed.  I already know that the board settings are correct for this cpu, and
> it is a totally working cpu.
> Also, there is also a setting in the BIOS for a cache controller, once again,
> if I enable this, the computer locks up on bootup, and I can't see any error
> messages.  There is no setting in the bios to turn that logo banner on or
> off, neither.
> Catch you all later, hope someone can help.
> Benjamin
> BTW- was in a car wreck last Monday... hurt pretty bad... fractured
> vertabrae, displaced shoulder, whiplash, etc... any religous folks?  would
> appreciate prayers.

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