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  • From: Pete <firststep@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 18:16:18 +0100

Calmira Funding

Hi All,

Hi Reid,

>I would be interested in helping out Calmira financially if I could.  I
>might be able to send a little bit with a money order if that would =
help.  I'm
>sure if everyone threw in a just a bit we could get the domain (that is =
>problem?) back on its feet.  I see no point in leasing the domain for a =
year, we
>might as well pool our funds together and buy a five or ten year lease =
if it
>is within our means.=20

Excellent idea and I too would add some cash (money) to the pot.

Hi Gaby,

>For me it would be free, as my web hosting package includes a total of
>20 domains, out of which I've only used 16 until now. It includes .de,
>.com, .org and .info domains without extra costs.
>If that is the question...

I would have no objections to Calmira being hosted with you. You
obviously have a strong interest in the internet looking at your

Perhaps we need to formulate a plan:

  1. Contact the present Calmira site owner.
  2. Negotiate if we can help and how.
  3. Look at what is needed or what is wanted.

I am aware that the current Calmira site has a guest book & screenshot

It might be that we have to loose these but (in my mind) Calmira is
older now and probably doesn't need a guestbook. Just a place to
continue to exist and inspire.

I don't mind how we achieve this but am willing to put in either
effort or bit of cash.


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