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From: "Alan Grimes" <alangrimes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> The AMD thunderbird processor is their best, and its only $25 more than
> their Duron... (At 800 mhz, which is what I'm using...) The external bus
> is a 2x100, Even with the thunderbird's advanced caching system it is
> still foolish to go above a 4x clock multiplyer. Hopefully, in a few
> months, the RAM (which is only 133 mhz on mine) will improve to twice
> that (look for 266 mhz or 133mhz DDR)...

Memory prices here in Ohio are fairly cheap at the moment for PC100/PC133,
either speed 128 MB SDRAM costs about $80.00 and I notice it is even cheaper
on eBay, Heh, I saw not long ago, a 256 MB PC133 SDRAM for only $115.00
(That is cheap in my book considering 6 months ago it was anywhere from
$300.00 - $400.00 USD) <g>

> (Assembeling it yourself is the only way to guarentee top-quality).

Agreed!  You let someone else assemble the system, who knows how long it
will last.  Besides, if you buy the separate components and self assemble,
you can take a little bit longer to buy the system, but buy better equipment
as money permits and you do not need to upgrade everything including the
mouse pad if you do not want too <G>

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