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From: "Matt Bahls" <downloader5@xxxxxxxx>
> I'll second that and I know of many people that will also vote along.
> This computer (girlfriend's Win98) has a Cyrix chip on it and we have
> been told by more than one person that is bad.  It is supposed to be a
> 300 MHz computer, but when she tries to run a game that requires a 233
> MHz processor, the game crashes back to the desktop with no warning.

LoL, thats why I would stick with the Pentium CPU;  couple cyrixs' bad rep
and the credibility of the chip along with the fact that Win98 runs CPUs RED
HOT <g> not a good combination!

My AMD K6-III 350 MHz CPU runs anywhere from 50 - 55 degrees Celsius and on
some occasions it peaks almost to 60.  Now in Linux it NEVER goes higher
than 43 degrees Celsius. (*WhoHoo another Point for Tux <g>*)

Sometime I will have to boot Wfwg 311 on this system and run it for a while
to see how it runs the temp of my CPU, even though Win31 would not even be
able to begin to guess the actual temp. I can always reboot into my Bios to
find this out after I run Wfwg311 for a day or so straight <g>.  Problem is,
after 5 minutes in Win98 my CPU is at 53 degrees Celsius...  O'well <G>

If I ever feel like running Wfwg311 on this BOX; it will be interesting to
see.  I have Wfwg311 in its own partition and I *could* boot it on this box,
however I usually just turn on my recently acquired P75 for Win3x fun.

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