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You are correct...I read the tips, and you do need at least VGA for Calmira 
to run.  
I don't know of any work-around for this one.  VGA is needed to support the 
buttons, window borders and so forth.  What you could try, and I don't 
guarantee it
will work, is to find the standard VGA video driver for Win3X, copy it to your
C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory...next, copy the VGA.3GR file to that directory.
Then, make a backup copy of SYSTEM.INI, and open SYSTEM.INI in a text editor.
Add the lines to use the VGA driver and grabber instead of the CGA/HERC etc.
It looks something like:




Note that you also need to use the VGA fonts.  As I mention, I doubt this 
will work,
so save a backup to SYSTEM.INI, then when you save the new SYSTEM.INI, and
try to restart Windows, if it doesn't work, just copy the backup back to 
C:\WINDOWS.  The only time I was able to use this method to "trick" Win3X, I
fooled it into thinking I had 256 color VGA support on an old original 16 
256 kb VGA card, hehe!  Windows went ahead and ran OK, but, even though it
thought it had 256 colors, it only had 16, so it had a lot of grey shades for 
colors that my video card did not support.  You might want to comment out the 
lines which load your present drivers instead of deleting the line.  To do 
this, just
add a semi-colon ( ; ) in front of the line in your SYSTEM.INI file.

Good luck!
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