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  • Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2000 19:48:12 -0700

     I don't think a port of Calmira to 
win98 would have to be 16bit, but if it 
was it would still be faster and more 
stable than explorer, so that's reason 
enough.  Calmira is easier to configure, 
as many people have commented.  At the 
moment I'm happy running stilleto though, 
thank you to whoever reminded me of that.
     A "dos version of linux" is not 
quite what you think.  Admittedly, 
many use the dos file system, but it's 
been altered to suit linux.  basically 
the only difference is that LILO is not 
installed, but once you boot to linux 
you're not running DOS in any form.  
It's pure linux.
     I think perhaps win31 has reached 
its limits for most of us.  I still 
install it on 386/486 boxes for friends 
but I don't have the motivation to play 
with it anymore.
     After all, you can now get a 266mhz 
network pc for $199 (ok $330 with monitor)
from thinkNIC.com so there's not much 
point in running anything besides linux 
is there?



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