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<< From: "Stuart Pinel" <stuart_m_pinel@xxxxxxxxxxx>
 Subject: <CT> Is anybody still there?
 Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 16:59:26 +0100
 This is certainly the biggest gap between messages I can ever remember!
 Just to ask, I have recently aquired a B&W laptop as a fun project to do up. 
 Calmira blacks out certain lines in B&W modes.  It is quite liveable with, 
but does anyone have any advice?

Hi Stuart,
Yes, it has been quite a spell between any messages in regards to
Calmira...actually, I look at that as a positive!  Less messages usually
means less bugs and complaints, hehe.  However, realistically it is
more likely due to decrease in the number of Windows 3.X users.
Now, as for the B&W video...can your laptop handle VGA monochrome,
if it can, this at least will give you "grayscale", and something that sort
of resembles 256 color, hehe.  The reason some stuff is blacked out is
your video driver doesn't know how to interpret the gradations.  It might
not work in VGA Mono either, but would be worth a try.  That's all I can
think of at the moment.  I have an old IBM PS2 Model 5500SX, at one
time I used a VGA monochrome monitor on it (still have that monitor
somewhere???)...but I never ran Calmira on it.  I loaded Windows 3.1
one time...in real mode (only had 1 meg total RAM at the time, still
only has 5 meg).  The VGA Mono made a passable interpretation of
"16 color" anyway.  I ultimately removed Windows from it and went with
only MS DOS 6.22...but I can dialup my ISP with it, and I use mainly
text mode DOS internet applications.  The bottleneck on it is the old
modem...an internal 2400 baud, hehe!  Requires a bit of patience to
load even text only web browsing, with Lynx 386.
See you later,

Glenn Gilbreath Jr.
Registered Pharmacist
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