<CT> Re: BUG Found

  • From: "Brian L. Johnson" <blj8@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: <calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 13:27:26 -0600 (MDT)

On May 25, Col. C. Case [ret] directed electrons to calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx:

>I think I found the first bug.  After installing, I edited my system.ini
>file to point to Calmira as the shell.  as soon as it begins to load, I get

Well, is the file wndhooks.dll located in your calmira directory? I have
found from experience that regardless of your path setting, Calmira gets
fussy if wndhooks.dll is not in the same dir as calmira.exe

>On a better note, I sure do like the new feel of Calmira 3.11.  I would
>make one suggestion however,  that would be to try to mimic the buttons on
>the window title bar to act and look like Win 95, especially in their
>placement locations.   A program called Mask does this effectively, but I
>do not like the other features of Mask other than the buttons.  Is there a
>patch that I can download that would work with Calmira to complete the
>cosmetic appearence?

Well, what I always tell people who write me at the website is that it
is not feasible and won't be done. In Windows 3.1, the drawing of the
titlebars is done by the video driver, and to change that, we'd not only
have to hack the video driver, but we'd have to do it for each and every
video driver out there (!)

As to Mask, we have tried it before, and have found that it is memory
and GDI-intensive, hard to run on older computers, and somewhat
unstable. And, there is the question of bloat. It's our goal that
Calmira be kept as small as possible, able to run on any 386 and up, and
that the distribution zip be able to fit on a 1.44mb diskette. Adding
something like that would pretty much double (or worse) the Calmira

There is also the question of software freedom and license - Calmira is
open-source software under the GNU Public License (GPL), which requires
all components to also be GPL. Mask, however, is closed-source
proprietary software, so it is incompatible, license-wise, with Calmira.
And quite frankly, we want to keep Calmira GPL-pure, so Mask is out of
the question.

We feel that if the user want to use software such as Mask to extend
their system, they're perfectly welcome to, but we won't bloat Calmira
with every little feature.

It is possible to change the titlebar buttons with a program called
patchdrv. Patchdrv alters the bitmap resources in your video driver,
thus changing the titlebar buttons. They will still be in the old
arrangement (close/menu at left, min and max at right), but look
different. :)

Also, one feature of Calmira that is not heavily documented is that you
can right-click on either the min or max buttons to close a window, thus
coming pretty close to the idea of a one-click close button at right aka


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