<CT> Re: Are MPEGs "bad" for Win3.1?

  • From: Alan Grimes <alangrimes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 17:47:18 -0500

Billy Wong wrote:
>    (I figure that the CTML-Win3.1 "merger" is now in effect so that's >why 
> I'm posting my question here in CTML...  )
>    Under Win95, playing an MPEG (.mpg) video file is fine - more or
> less.*  But when I try to play an mpg file under Win3.1, it chokes
> unpredictably (whole system freezeup).  Is Win3.1 just not made to run
> this type of file?

It shouldn't matter... If it can't do it then its an idication that the
multimedia extensions (added in the .1 release) don't work. =\

> Or is it that I require a faster computer for 
> playing mpgs? 

I get the same problem on a P100

> *keep in mind that my system is an IBM 586DX-100. Playing the mpg file 
>in Win95, it skips a LOT of frames enough for a video clip to be just a
> Picture Slideshow. 

Pentium or previous?
On my p100 I was able to acheive an ideal framerate at 2x resolution
because THAT video card successfully supported an offscreen video
buffer. =)   

I was so pleased with it how it worked at that time I bought some movies
for it. =\ 
(ST: generations and Metropolis (1927))

>  It runs "better" as it shows every frame...  but in slow motion - much 
>like when you play a tape on a VCR and hit the "Slow Advance" button. 

Get the Xing Mpeg Player... I think the 'doze 3.11 version is free

I suspect that it is significantly easier to become a proficient brain
surgeon than a linux user.
http://users.erols.com/alangrimes/  <my website.

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