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  • From: Bob Groves <Bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 12:3:57 +0000

At 2000.10.20. 9:16:00, you wrote:
>A follow-up to an old(ish) thread...
>There's a Windows shell "family tree" available at 
>http://www.desktopian.org/shelltree.html. It makes reference to several 
>commercial and shareware/freeware alternative shells, mentions Calmira 
>(though I think the Calmira dates are incorrect), and names Bob Groves as 
>the custodian of at least two of the shells :-) (did you know this, Bob?)
>The page is of general interest, but might help those who were looking for 
>an alternative commercial shell. Whether any of the commercials (NewWave, 
>Norton, PcTools) are still available is another matter, I guess.

Gasp! :) Fame at last. Maybe I'm the last place on earth to still have Silver
Wolf etc. to download? (not!)

It's flattering, I must admit. I must also say that it's really excellent that
people still find this old software useful... I was going to change the 
page at my site... but I think it'll stay as it is for a  while longer.

Bob Groves

The mystical is not *how* the world is,
but *that* it is.
(Ludwig Wittgenstein)

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