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> Hello all :)
> I just got a VERY interesting email from a fellow who is working on an
> alternative operating system called the ReactOS, which is intended to be
> a free/GPL clone of Windows NT 4.0
> I think it's rather neat and interesting that the ROS team is interested
> in incorporating Calmira; personally I have no problem with it as long
> as the product into which it is incorporated is licensed as GPL :)
> What do you all think?

Don't see why not. With luck, we'll get a 32-bit Calmira, maybe with extra
features, and some extra insights into programming (no reflection on what's
already been done). Might also bring CalmiraX a step closer for those who've
been wanting it. Another point is that, if we're sticking to the GPL
conditions as well as the ReactOS team, we can't actually refuse them.

Two possible disadvantages; as Alan said, ReactOS has been vapourware for a
long time now, and I don't know when we'd see a revamped Calmira if they did
take it on. The other is that the guy who's contacted Brian isn't mentioned
on the site at all as one of the deveopers or coordinators. Is he speaking
for the team?

Happy Christmas, all (and ignore the date on this post - don't yet know why
my system thinks it's 1997...)

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