<CT> Re: A Fond Farewell

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  • Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003 19:37:57 EDT

I know that things have progressed in the computer field, and
you may be developing new interests.  Still, you may find that
keeping tabs with these old lists somewhat fun, hopefully!
Best wishes for your future, and let us know what you are doing
evey once in awhile.
I plan on keeping a Win3X machine running somewhere for a long
time to come, hehe.  Yes, sometimes you need Win9X, but, for a
lot of what I do, Win3X suits the bill.  Moreover, many times I still
use plain old DOS, and no Windows at all.  It sure beats the heck
out of having to keep upgrading antivirus software to catch all the
latest Win9X/VBS/Word virus/macro/trojans that get unleashed!
See you later!
aka Wizard57M

Glenn Gilbreath Jr.
Registered Pharmacist
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