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In a message dated 03-12-26 17:14:05 EST, Peter writes:

<< I have not been able to find a suitable 3.1 or MSDos comms terminal program
 for use with a null modem cable other than Terminal (which has very limited
 transfer rates and no Z modem), and the comms component in MSWorks3 (which
 to me is rather clumsy to use), so Im wondering if anyone has any
 suggestions. From the amiga side the are an infinite number of networking
 pgms available with PC components however th PC side is usually rather
 limited. I have used Hyperterminal off W95 and it works beautifully, but I
 cant get it going on 3.1 with Win32.  >>

When I am looking for a good terminal, communications app for
MS DOS, I usually turn to Delrina Freecomm Lite.  It is comparable
to Procomm Plus, but is free.  The user is supposed to register
their use, with Delrina (now Symantec), but it is also free.  I'm not
sure if Symantec still has the registration codes, if not I'm sure 
that someone would be willing to share with you (hint).  For Win3X
I have used Wincomm Lite, the Windows version.  It's been some
time since I've used WCL though...I guess it is still available.
Freecomm Lite runs really well in a DOS box in Windows 3.1,
so I usually use it.  If you can't find the installer file, let me know
and I can make it available.
See you later,
aka Wizard57M
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