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  • Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 12:10:19 EDT

Hiya Benj!

PC Freak nailed the speaker driver, hehe...as well as Opera 3.62
(my personal favorite browser for Win3X).  For email, I recommend 
FoxMail 1.6, and keep a link to download it on my SurfBest site:

Now, that leaves the keyboard and video...for the keyboard, since you 
are having trouble with the mouse, you can try using the MS DOS 6.22
Supplemental pack, which contains the drivers for those users that 
are disabled...Mousekeys is the driver to let you assign keystrokes to 
mouse clicks.  PC Freak gave you the URL for PowerLoad, that is
where I last located the Supplementals for MS DOS 6.22.
For the video...this one can be tricky.  If you think you did see a chip 
ID flash on screen of Cirrus, then you could try one of the Cirrus Logic 
drivers.  I have the CL542XX line for a couple of my older video cards.  
They also include a DOS app that extends the built-in VESA ability 
of those cards, if needed.  This can give you say 16 million colors in 
DOS.  The Windows 3.X drivers can give 16 million also, if you have 
enough video memory (need 1 meg).  The problem will be with finding 
them.  Cirrus Logic has changed their web site, www.cirrus.com, but
they might still be there.  If you can't, let me now and I'll try to send 
by email.  Another option, if it is a Cirrus based video, is to use the
"generic SVGA" drivers for Win3x.  This one is a bit faster than the
Cirrus driver, though the color doesn't seem to be as "rich", to me 
anyway.  The generic SVGA driver is at PowerLoad also.

Good to hear from you again!  Take care, and I'll see you later!
aka Wizard57M
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