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  • Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001 09:36:21 EST

Does anyone know of a place, online or offline, where I could still buy new 
socket 7/super socket 7 motherboards?  Something that could theoretically still 
use a P90, all the way up to 400mhz?  I need quite a few, but if individuals 
have any spares, I would consider buying them.  Preferrably something with all 
drivers included, unless the generic drivers work well.

My motherboard is dead, and I had just bought a 400Mhz AMD K6-2... No, the 
upgrade isn't what killed it... A nasty virus that wiped my bios out apparently 
is what killed my MB.  I came the conclusion about the bios because no screen 
when I power up.  The only thing that happened before it died, was my anti 
virus was going crazy, and windows started popping up, then my screen froze, 
with vertical black lines through it, sorta like the horizontal lines older 
monitors have, but vertical and fatter...  After that, it never turned on again.

I also need socket 7 motherboards becuase I build pcs to sell, and I can't find 
anything around here.  Just fyi, I sell P90 systems all the way to 300mhz.  I 
sell complete, internet ready systems for about $1.50 a megahert... 

Greatly appreciate the time and yada yada yada...
Sory for bothering digest subscribers, but that's why I specifically requested 
offlist returns.  Hope this passes Brian's no ad policy, not looking to sell 
systems, lookin for a motherboard so I can be online at home on something other 
than a P90, 8meg laptop.

Peace out!!!

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