<CT> OK, Boss, I'm Chillin'! (was: ADMIN: Chill out!)

  • From: "Mike Webb" <mwnews@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 08:52:19 -0500

> Date:          Sat, 23 Dec 2000 17:12:37 -0700 (MST)
> From:          Calmira owner <owner@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject:       <CT> ADMIN: Chill out! (Re: Re: A bozo who gets, and replies 
> to,
>                the digest.)
> Ok folks, go to neutral corners for a minute before this turns into a
> flamewar!

First, my apologies to everybody for firing up the flamethrower as my 
first recourse. I've been through a period in my life (several years) 
that I wouldn't wish split among three of you and if I'm on the low 
ebb (as I was when I sent that post), something that's been a repeated 
irritant (even if it's a different list and different people) can send 
me over the edge. I DO seriously apologize to anyone and everyone I 
have hurt by my actions. I could have expressed my request (and 
probably gotten better results) better by not having gone nuclear as my 
first action.

Second, let's try this again; "kinder and gentler". To the folks who
get the digest; would you *please* take the time (5-10 seconds,
maybe?) to copy and paste the subject of the message that you're
replying to into the subject line of your message? I read messages on
lists for two reasons; 1) because the subject in question is helpful
to me, or 2) because I may know something that will help the poster. 

I'm on several lists that come to this emailbox (and I can't be the
only one doing this kind of thing), and pull out my "weed-whacker"
(mouse and delete key) to reduce the messages to what I can work with
before I start reading. To get a message with the subject line "<CT>
Re: calmira_tips Digest V1 #41" gives me no basis to determine if it
will help me or if I can help the poster. (BTW, I received messages
from four different posters under that subject line; I chose it so
you'd know I'm not picking on anyone in particular.) Sometimes I have
time to open the individual messages to see, sometimes I don't, and
whack 'em as if they were spam. You put the effort into making your
post, I'd like to see if I can contribute in reading/replying to your
post or if it's something that will help me. That's what subject lines
are for. I'd rather not put your effort to waste.

Mebbe I's iggorant, but it seems to me that online users running under
Windows 3.1 would generally be of the more experienced variety (heck,
I started on the 'net six years ago under *DOS* getting my Internet
e-mail and newsgroups via Procomm Plus using a QWK-based mail exchange
with the 'net from a BBS! Anyone besides me remember MegaMail?) and 
would have something like this down pat. Guess that was part of what 
put me over the edge before. I've seen this behavior over and over on a 
number of different lists over the years, and I'd just seen it once too 
many times at the wrong time (for me).

I agree with those who said that sending back the whole digest (perhaps 
with a "me too" added) is a much more grievous waste of bandwidth than 
not updating the subject line. But would you "please" (I'm chillin', 
Mr. Moderator, I'm chillin'!) do me and others the favor of telling us 
what you're posting about "in the subject line"? I know I'd appreciate 
it, and I honestly believe many others would as well. 

Thanks a lot, and a Blessed Christmas to you all.

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