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Hey all.  I was helping a a librarian clean out a cupboard in the back room 
today.  We found a lot of stuff, including the stuff below which I kept.  I 
also took two cards...one being a sound card (I need to find out who made it 
before I can use it), and the other saying "CD-ROM 16 I/F Card" or something 
like that on it.  Anyone know what that is?



        Epson Microsoft MS-DOS 4.01
                MS-DOS Shell
        Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade
        Microsoft MS-DOS 6 Plus Enhanced Tools
                (Disk 2)
                (Disk 3)
        Microsoft Works (Version 3.0)
                (Disk 2)
                (Disk 3)
                (Disk 4)
        Microsoft Works (Version 2.0 (DOS))
                Setup and Learning Works 3
                Program and Accessories
                "Spell, Help, and Thesaurus"
                Learning Works 1 and 2

        (Epson) MS-DOS 4.01 Reference Manual            1989
        Microsoft MS-DOS Operating System Version 5.0
                Getting Started 1991
                User's Guide and Reference      1991
        (Acbel Technologies) Microsoft MS-DOS Operating System version 5.0
                User's Guide and Reference      1991
                Getting Started 1991
                User's Guide and Reference      1991
        Microsoft Windows Operating System Version 3.1
                User's Guide    1992
        IBM Microsoft Windows User's Guide              1993    "Version 3.1, 
the Windows flag is 
100% blue"
        Microsoft MS-DOS 6 Operating System Plus Enhanced Tools         1993
        IBM DOS 5                       Version 5.02
                License Information     1992
                Keyboards and Code Pages        1992
                Getting Started 1992
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