<CT> Netscape/Winsock under Win 3.1

  • From: Al Hall <alhall@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 08:32:01 -0700


I'm using Trumpet Winsock 2.2a and Netscape 3.1 under Windows 
3.1 to access the internet. I sort of like knowing that my 
obsolete system is less likely to be hit by some macro virii 
then one of the new bloated 95/98 systems.

My problem is that I used to be able to fire up Netscape and 
load some pages and then tell Winsock "Bye" and it'd log off,
or actually close close it so that I could free up my phoneline 
while I looked at the pages and then if I wanted to click on a 
URL or go somewhere else I could just "login" again, or re-start 
Winsock and do a click and keep on going from where I'd left off 

Now, I can re-connect with Winsock just fine but, I get this 
winsock error message if I try to go anywhere with Netscape:
"Error: WSAENOTSOCK (2=nil) by NETSCAPE". Netscape just searches
for awhile and then tells me that it can't find the URL.

A couple of other things: my old ISP IBM.net was sold to
ATT and is now called ATTGlobal.net. Could the change in
ISPs have anything to do with the change in the way Netscape
and Trumpet winsock work together? 

Also, at one time the Winsock would stay open after hanging 
up and I'd have to Alt/f/x it myself when I was done surfing. 
I could "Login" and "Bye" as many times as I wanted and it 
still worked fine with Netscape. Now the Winsock closes itself 
when it disconnects from the ISP but I could still re-start it
and go on surfing. Now I just get the above error message and
Netscape never loads a new page.

I must admit that I've switched and edited the trumpwsk.ini
a few times and also upgraded versions of Winsock but not 
recently. I've also rearranged those .ini files afew times
since this started happening to try to fix it and now I'm
not sure what the original settings were.


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