<CT> My back-order for calmira.org

  • From: Gaby.Chaudry@xxxxxxxxxxx (Gaby Chaudry)
  • To: support@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 17:49:22 +0100


I just noted that, though I back-ordered calmira.org with you in 
September 2003, the domain has now got a new registrant who is 
not me! How can this be? What did I pay $ 69.00 for?????

I really can't believe this. The domain now points to a commercial link 
collection site which has nothing at all to do with Calmira. 

What can I now do to get the domain registered? What about my 
money (invoice no. 606155) ? Will you at least refund it?

Please answer ASAP


Gaby Chaudry

Mrs. Gaby Chaudry
Wirtstr. 10, 81539 Muenchen, Germany
URL: http://www.gaby.de

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