<CT> Microsoft pulls plug on Win3.11

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Yeah, old news right?  Well, I am on the "Langa List" and this morning it had 
an interesting story/article...
Sorry for the long post and possibly poor formatting, using aol webmail at 
school, and it kinda sucks... :)

Microsoft "Obsolete" KB items and files FOUND!

I've said it before and I'll say it again: You folks are *awesome*. Not
an issue goes by that that I don't receive some (often, many)
interesting and useful items that I probably never would otherwise have

Here's a case in point: As we've discussed in the past, Microsoft is
about to pull the plug on support for Windows 98, 98SE, and NT; support
has already officially ended for Windows 3.xx, and Windows NT 3.5x; and
support has become skeletal for Win95, Win95 OSR1 and Win95 OSR2. (See
http://www.langa.com/newsletters/2001/2001-11-15.htm#1 and
http://www.langa.com/newsletters/2001/2001-10-29.htm#1 for more info.)

Microsoft's new "Desktop Product Lifecycle Guidelines" affect *all*
their products--- not just operating systems. (If you want to see when
Microsoft will pull the plug on support for *your* software, check out
http://www.microsoft.com/windows/lifecycleconsumer.asp  and
http://support.microsoft.com/directory/discontinue.asp .)

In fact, this recent change in support for older products is one of the
reasons why we've been covering XP and non-Windows alternatives more
than we might otherwise: Microsoft is starting to *force* you to move to
newer products; if you want support.

Once again, please don't shoot the messenger: *I'm* not the one tossing,
say, Win98 into the trash heap--- it's Microsoft doing it! I'm just
trying to help you cope. <g>

For example, the article at http://www.langa.com/newsletters/2001/2001-
11-15.htm#1 urged you to grab all the downloads, patches, updates, and
related files you could (while they were still available)  for any
product that Microsoft has decided to stop supporting: In effect, you
need to create a self-contained support system if you want to keep using
these products.

As mentioned above, support for some popular Microsoft products already
has ended. But an enterprising reader poked around in the corners of
some Microsoft servers and found useful files for some of these
officially unsupported products. If you're using these products, it'd be
smart to grab these files while you still can:

     Fred, Excellent newsletter as always! I must mention a find I
     stumbled into on Microsoft's FTP site...
     ...I have been looking for a copy of the Windows 3.1 Resource
     kit just to complete my collection. I also keep a copy running
     for old Origin games (I can't just kick the habit of crashing
     though dungeons Richard Garriot style).... Here is what I


     These two locations in Microsoft's FTP contain Knowledge
     Base(KB) items that I can not pull up on [the main] KB site
     any longer, and some files that may help people!

     In the msdos dir there is a public folder which contains the
     supplemental disk images for msdos 6.xx in several languages!
     (I think these were the result of that lawsuit over
     DoubleSpace?). In another folder are the disk images for the
     Step-Up to 6.22 from a prior version of MSDOS.

     The gem for me however was within the windows directory. In
     there were the KB files and the Resource Kit in a help file
     format and in a disk image format taken from the original
     resource kit! Also found there were KB files in Help file
     format Microsoft Windows Version 3.11 Refresh (driver file
     updates it appears) I don't know how useful these are to that
     many people these days, but for die-hards like myself this
     stuff eventually finds a use ) --- Daniel S. Gurrola

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